Do Hiring Managers say “WoW!” about you at the end of your face to face Interview?  Get Ready for a proven and exciting method to win the job offer! 

What makes this program so unique? Interviewing the past 30 years has been about a question and answer session.  If you follow many of the experts they believe you should have two grown adults reciting memorized questions and answers to one another.

Unfortunately almost all of the interview books and training comes from HR and recruiting professionals. While most know their craft well we believe that the job interview is actually a face to face “sales call” which they have typically very little experience in.

As someone with over 30 years of sales and sales management experience I want to take on the role of being your sales manager for your next job interview even if you have never sold anything before.

Let’s work together and close the deal! (oops I mean the job offer).


Standard Package, you get all three Wow! Interview videos.  Learn how to Wow the hiring manager and win the interview!

Video #1 walks you through the reason the WoW! Interview works. You have to be PPQ. PPQ stands for being the most prepared, passionate and qualified candidate. This video demonstrates why this is so important.

Video #2 shows you how to turn your past successes into WoW! stories that will have the hiring manager wanting to learn more instead of moving on to the next question. A role play is included showing the typical candidate interview styles that hiring managers will likely avoid.

Video #3 provides the information on where and how to get the content to create a WoW! Discussion Guide which can be presented during the interview. Most importantly, a role play has been recorded for you to review the actual presentation in front of a hiring manager. You will learn the nuances that make hiring managers take notice and say “WoW!” about you so you get the job offer.

You also will have access to a downloadable tutorial workbook which shows you step-by-step exactly how to put together a WoW! Discussion Guide from all of your research in preparing for the interview. Real examples are provided to take the guess work out. A template is also provided so you can begin immediately.

Click here to order the Standard Package Training Videos $59


Deluxe Package. You get everything in the Standard Package PLUS the following:

First – Two Videos on Networking! Are you interested in getting more job interviews? Learn the best methods for introducing yourself to people you meet so they will want to help you. Giving them your resume is NOT one of the methods.

Second – Two Videos on NetWeaving! Did you know that successful people “NetWeave” when they network? NetWeaving is the business version of “Pay it Forward”. Bob Littell the creator of NetWeaving has joined up with Jay Litton to teach you this much sought after method
on helping others during your job search.

Third – Two Videos on Getting the Hiring Managers to Return Your Phone Calls! Are you waiting for Human Resources to call you back? Salespeople don’t wait for call backs – and neither should you. Instead focus on reaching out to hiring managers with this proven method
that professional sales organizations use every day. You can apply it to your job search immediately.

Additional BONUS: With the Deluxe Package you also receive one-on-one email coaching with one of our trained coaches to review your WoW! stories in preparation for your interview.

Click here to order the Deluxe Package Training Videos $79


Premium Package. You get everything in the Deluxe Package PLUS the following:

Personalized One-on-One Role Play Coaching Services via Phone. Let our WoW Interview team personally work with you to review your preparation, role play with you and answer your questions as you prepare for your next interview.

Click here to order the Premium Package Training Videos $199

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