About Us

About Us

Hello, my name is Donna Litton, I am president of the LittonGroup, LLC, parent company of the WoW! Interview.

Since 1997, thousands of job seekers have learned how to win the job offers they want through the WoW! Interview, a unique and dynamic method for professionals in-transition.

These job seekers representing dozens of industries have discovered that the most prepared, passionate, and qualified candidate (PPQ) wins a job. The Wow! Interview method gets results – what started as a volunteer effort to train a few has turned into a strategy that has helped thousands.

The LittonGroup, LLC believes that every interview, no matter the profession is a sales call. In preparation for an interview, my husband, started with an idea that worked so well that the hiring manager looked at him at the end of the interview and said WoW! That was impressive’. After receiving an offer for the job and an increased salary, we realized these principles would be effective for other job seekers.

This motivated us to spend hours packaging, testing and refining the methods that Jay used so successfully.   And now you can get the job you are targeting!

In 2002, we became curious about how effective this method really was for the people he was training. We tracked the job interview and offer rates of 100 people who had attended an in-person WoW! Interview Workshop. The result was an impressive 46.6% success rate. When compared to the national average of 12% (according to national outplacement and staffing firms) job offers were coming in for WoW Workshop attendees after they interviews with about two companies instead of the standard eight.

We have now packaged the workshop in videos so everyone has access to the Wow! Interview methods.

Please click here to see the Wow Interview Packages. available for purchase.


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